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Deep Throat Unveiled?

Sorry, never have cared for this story. Just not a big portion of my generation.

Oh Great, You
After the firing of Jean-Pierre Raffarin as French Prime Minister by French President Jacques Chirac, Iraqi War critic Dominique de Villepin was named in his place.

Some bloggers missed this small little part of French Politics, when either the President or the Prime Minister resigns, the other gets to name his replacement.

With Villepin as the French PM, Chirac is banking on letting anti-Americanism be his key platform in his re-election campaign. French elections are scheduled for 2007.

The key to watching the "Axis of Weasels" will be tomorrow with the Dutch elections on the EU Constitution. If that falls, and with the likely loss of Schroeder in Germany next year, the Axis will eat itself.

Serves them right.

Next Target: Wal-Mart
Actually it never stopped being a target for the American Anti-Capitalist Left, it just is this decade's Goliath to take down.

Today alone we have input from the
Sierra Club (How does this effect the environment?), Xoff, Folkbum, and others on the article from last week that Wal-Mart employees make up 40% of those on BadgerCare - the state's health care program for the working poor.

There's a rally scheduled tomorrow in Madison by the usual suspects as the typical "Unions vs. Wal-Mart" storyline continues.

My guess: Wal-Mart will continue to win.

No More Americans in Paris
The last American still alive in the French Open, top-seeded Lindsay Davenport, was ousted today. She lost in straight sets 6-3,6-2 to Mary Pierce.

Also losing was No. 2 Maria Sharapova, the Russian teen sensation/model, who unlike Anna Kournakova, can actually win tennis tournaments. She lost in straight sets, 6-4, 6-2, to Justin Henin-Hardenne.

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