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Let the Logrolling Continue!!

The Wisconsin Green Party has followed the lead of
Madison Alderman and undiagnosed sociopath Austin King and is charging not only Governor Jim Doyle, a wholly-owned subsidiary of WEAC, with logrolling; but also Assembly Speaker John Gard and Senate Majority Leader Dale Schultz.

Since it's the Wisconsin Green Party; expect it to be ignored.

"The deal worked out between Doyle, Gard, and Schultz isn't just bad for low-wage workers, it's illegal. It's clear that Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce brokered a deal between the Governor and the Republican leadership, and it's time for Wisconsin's Attorney General to clean house," said Jill Busierre, Co-Chair of the Wisconsin Green Party.

Wisconsin's anti-logrolling statutes were the work of the progressive leadership in the 1911 Wisconsin State Legislature, which also passed the first workers' compensation law in this country, the first workable income tax in the country, a state life insurance program, legislation that aided farm cooperatives and agricultural education, and a corrupt practices act that was designed to clean up political activity, among other things. Wisconsin's heralded Home Rule statutes and constitutional amendments soon followed. The Wisconsin Green Party, as a direct descendent of the independent progressive political movements of the teens, twenties, and thirties, calls for the enforcement of Wisconsin's progressive-era clean government laws.

"The State Capitol, Fighting Bob LaFollette's 'Temple of Democracy,' needs a cleaning once again," said Ben Manski, a longtime Wisconsin Green Party activist. "The burden is on the Attorney General to take up that charge and work with reformers to make Wisconsin government transparent and accountable once again."

Owen gives a good detailed description of 'logrolling' here.

Some quick observations.

1) Has someone called
Ed Garvey? The Greens are now claiming they own "Fighting Bob" LaFollette.
Thought he had the copyright?

The Minimum Wage will go up tomorrow to $5.70, currently it is at $5.15.

3) This issue won't resonate beyond Madison, where major damage will occur to Doyle's left flank. Already there has been outcries by Madison Mayor David Cieslewicz about the preemption deal.

Adding the Wisconsin Greens to the party, doesn't help Jimbo one bit. The reality of a strong (or any) presence of the Wisconsin Greens running their own candidate for Governor in 2006 continues to grow.

All guesses are on a 3-party fight in 2006, GOP (Either Green or Walker), Doyle, and whoever the Greens through out there.

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