Surprised It's Not "May Day"

Congratulations Wisconsin Marxists, Communists, and other "Progressives;" your dream of a higher minimum wage comes true today.

This is, of course, nothing more than a "Save Governor Jim Doyle, a wholly-owned subsidiary of WEAC, and his floundering Governorship" move.

The real tragedy of this is that no one with an "R" after their name had the guts to make a reasoned free market-based argument against raising the minimum wage. Instead, we get a pre-emption bill that Doyle "would consider" signing sometime today because they were all afraid to go on record with a sound logically-based argument.

The only legislator to make that free market argument spoke once more against it this morning.
The false impression continually reinforced by the overheated partisan political rhetoric is that raising the minimum wage helps poor families. The truth is that an overwhelming majority of these jobs are held by first time workers desperately in need of work experience, most often for a short time, not heads of households trying to support a family. Raising the minimum wage will only have the effect of making it much harder for those needing that first job to enter the work force and gain the experience that will allow them to move up to get a better job, most often, quickly.

This isn't about making profits for business. Making these jobs harder to get will greatly hurt the anonymous poor and the young workers who need employment. Knocking out another bottom rung on the ladder of economic opportunity by raising the minimum wage just makes it harder for those who deserve the opportunity to climb aboard and share in the prosperity of America."
Thanks again Ziggy.

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